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New Kris Community & Dollar Drive for Charity!!

I wanted to let you all know about a new Kris charity community on LJ which I thought a lot of people here would really enjoy. Come on over, become members and check out our first project: the Dollar Drive we've got going for the Kris Allen DonorsChoose Guitar Drive! And spread the word by posting about the comm & the drive on your own journals!

The mission of the community is to harness the power of a unified Kris Allen fan community to promote any and all ways of improving the lives of those around us, using Kris as a model on how to spread the L.O.V.E. We're hoping this comm will become a source and an outlet for creative giving, inspired by Kris. </div>

Also, when Kris's single and album drop, we'll also post gifting offers and such over at the comm. Pretty much anything that's meant to improve other people's lives goes. There's a post at the comm explaining further.


The Dollar Drive already has a TON of offers, everything from fic to copies of the Tour Guide Kris's fans put together for his tour last year. We'd love to see the variety of both fic and non-fic offers increase, so come over and join the fun! There are lots of fic and non-fic offers to peruse, and I know there are LOTS of other things YOU could make or do to help a good cause! Stop by, make an offer, or buy what someone else has offered!

And even if the Dollar Drive isn't quite your speed, PLEASE do become a member of our community! We have SO MANY fun things planned for the future, completely different from dollar drives, but equally creative, and always in the name of changing the world for the better! We wouldn't want you to miss out! Plus, if you guys ever have any ideas for charities or fundraising, please do let us know

If you have any questions about the comm, feel free to ask here or to post a comment in the Welcome post in the comm itself. Hope to see lots of you over there!

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